3 Dachshunds Records


3 Dachshunds is a consumer-friendly small business wherein the owner

was taught by his Dad the satisfaction that comes in making a business successful. I used to ride along with my Dad on weekends when I attended elementary school when he used to go out of town to supervise one of the many service stations he was supervising (he worked for a petroleum company). He taught me at a very young age about making customers happy, doing the right thing, inventory control, etc.

 I learned many things about business some kids didn't learn until after they left high school. Having ran and worked for many businesses during his life, Jack Ware has a unique perspective on managing a business. He loves to talk to customers and his knowledge is fairly sufficient to really contribute to a conversation. He has a 100%  guarantee policy that all the items he sells will work and should make customers happy.


Named 3 Dachshunds in memory of three former pets, Ware decided

during his years of collecting merchandise to expand into records. His brother used to be in the record business, owning his own record store. That along with Ware's own knowledge about records, enticed him to pursue that direction. Having grown up in the sixties, as radio stations played "classic" records, Ware heard them all as there were only a few years of rock n' roll before that time.

Record sales increased 30% over 2014 sales while CD sales dropped 15

million in that same period.


The last 11 years has seen a revival of interest in long playing 33 1/3 rpm

vinyl records (LP's). Perhaps it is a backlash against our current CD trends, not unlike abandonment of 8 tracks or cassettes of former generations. The colorful LP jackets showing the singer usually with a biography on the flip side and the careful handling of the LP, transferring it from jacket to the turntable shows a patience and love for the collection that CD's do not muster.


Ware was surprised that so many young people are into vinyl. Many parents

told him about their kids getting turntables for Christmas and many more bring in their children or grandchildren and show them about records, using turntables, etc.  Parents love passing on their knowledge about earlier era's and love what made them happy and so many kids really listen and are interested in these past fun times we older adults had with our vinyl.


Ware's careful grading, cleaning, and placing records into new polysleeves indicates his love for records but also the desire to sell an appropriate priced record. Ware not only discounts records based on actual condition but also on the jacket condition. He simply sells records for their worth.


The store does in fact have something for almost everyone. The vinyl section only occupies 1/2 of the store and the remaining parts has innumerable collectable items for baby boomers as well as youthful collectors. Many newer items for the home and toys and dolls for the kids are also available. And don't forget to pick up a Hallmark Greeting Card for that special occasion, always at a 50% discount..